farmhouse wood sign in a bathroom
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DIY Bathroom Farmhouse Wood Sign

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This farmhouse wood sign was inspired by all the gorgeous DIY signs I see on Pinterest.

I knew with a little work and help from my Cricut that I could make something as beautiful as the others I have seen. This farmhouse bathroom sign adds the right amount of charm to your space.

Plus, I love to give out farmhouse wood signs as gifts too. Once you put together your own DIY farmhouse sign for your bathroom, you’ll see how simple it is.

DIY Farmhouse Wood Sign - Pin Image

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farmhouse wood sign in a bathroom

Custom Farmhouse Sign As A Gift

I promise that if you give one of a wooden sign that looks this good as a gift you are going to make someone very happy. They will absolutely love it and you will know that the secret is it was super easy to make.

Don’t be afraid to sell them at craft shows too! People go while for anything that’s farmhouse or rustic. I know that whenever I head to a craft fair the number one thing I’m looking for is home decor.

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How To Make Farmhouse Signs


Extra Items You May Want

These are some decorative and useful items that will look lovely with your farmhouse bathroom sign. They aren’t required,but look great.


1. Gather supplies. Upload the farmhouse sign SVG into your Cricut program. 

2. Enlarge or reduce the size of the SVG to fit the size sign you have. 

3. Apply vinyl to a 12”x24” mat and load into the cricut machine. 

cricut machine cutting vinyl

4. Set cut vinyl aside. 

Painting Wood pieces for sign

5. Paint board slats two coats of beige where your words will be. There is no need to paint the entire sign the same color that I did unless you want to. Allow drying time. 

6. Gently peel off the layer of vinyl, leaving only the words. *for easier transfer, cut each line of words into separate strips. 

7. Use transfer paper to “pick up” the line of words. *Two strips of transfer paper may need to be stuck together for longer lines. 

8. Measure the top board slat from top to bottom and left to right when centering your line of words.

Note: Use a pencil to draw small lines where you’ll want to place the words on each side. Hold your letters over the area while taking measurements is also helpful.

Note: Take your time to double-check your measuring. The pencil lines will be covered with black paint in the long term, so don’t worry about them. 

9. Press the “farmhouse” word onto the board. Use the Cricut scraper to smooth the words out. Carefully lift the transfer paper away from the vinyl letters, leaving the letters in place on the board. 

10. Repeat the process of measuring and placing the words on each board slat. 

11. Use a small paintbrush and brush mod podge over each individual letter, covering the edges all around the letters. Allow to dry completely, several hours or overnight. 

12. Paint the entire board black. Along the edges, and right over every vinyl word. Paint two coats. Allow drying. 

13. Use the Cricut weeding tool to carefully lift up the vinyl letters. *I have even used this technique with fancy script and it has turned out very nice. If you find a spot where the paint leaked under due to missing a spot with mod podge, use a very thin paintbrush to touch it up with the correct color.

14. Since the painted wood sign will be in a moist area of the home we should seal it. Use the foam brush to wipe mod podge all over the black paint. It will dry clear. Allow drying. 

15. Use a picture hanging kit to attach d-rings and wire to the back of the wood sign 2” from the top, one on each side. If you don’t have the picture hanging kit *as shown here, simply start a small screw in the board and wrap the wire around it to secure the wire. Then, finish securing the screw into the board. 

16. Measure and center your black wire baskets. Use 4 small black screws to secure the baskets. Screw-in 2 on each end of the basket where the top connects to the board. *If you don’t have black screws you can paint them very simply with a brush. 

17. Hang in your farmhouse bathroom.  Add additional farmhouse décor such as the ones listed above.

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