Blackstone Griddle Chicken Fajitas

Blackstone Chicken Fajitas are so easy to make and everyone will devour them. Filled with juicy chicken, onions, bell peppers, and your favorite toppings. Serve in a tortilla or turn into a chicken fajita bowl!


– Chicken - Onions - Bell Peppers - Olive Oil - Seasonings - Toppings

Seriously Delicious!

Start by turning on the griddle and adding oil

Add onions and peppers.

Cover veggies with a lid. 

Add chicken and season. Cook 5 minutes.

After chicken is fully cooked, chop.

Combine the chicken with the onions and peppers. 

Serve on a tortilla shell or eat in a bowl. Devour!

Top with sour cream, cilantro, beans, or any of your favorite toppings. 

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