Epic DIY Wreaths For Every Season

DIY Wreaths - Various styles of wreaths

An easy way to transform any space is to add some easy DIY wreaths! You can add so much vibrant color with a wreath, whether you want to hang it on your front door or an accent wall. A sizeable gorgeous wreath can also be a terrific focal point in any room. There are many …

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Must See Tips Before Working With Pallet Wood

Do you scour the internet and Pinterest looking for a DIY project that involves pallets? Many people don’t realize that you need to do a little preparation work on your pallet wood before you start a project. I have made this guide of useful information so you no longer have to guess! One of my …

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7 Simple Kitchen Remodel Ideas That Fit Your Budget

Kitchen Makeover

Finding some kitchen remodel ideas that are budget-friendly can sometimes be a bit difficult task. Let’s face it; the kitchen is the heart of the home for most of us. If you are like me, then your kitchen is a place where you can spend quality time with family and friends while chomping on some …

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